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Terms & conditions of service

Stable Air Media is pleased to provide you with aerial imagery content.  All content will be delivered via media drive or secured cloud-based data management systems. All participating parties or person must be onsite or provide a written and signed property access consent.



Prior to flight operations, the client must ensure that any animals at or on the property is secured and unable to interfere with the Remote Pilot in command or onsite aircrew.


Client must ensure that all Bluetooth and all electronic range extending transmitting and receiving 2.4 Ghz devices are turned off prior to flight operations.




Aerial photography

Stable Air Media will provide Aerial Photography encompassing views of the Subject, Persons, or overall property, including exterior and interior footage.  Company specific deliverable is as follows:

Edited content will be Raw stills that will be color graded. Discounted rates: (10% off ) for combined services, reoccurring visits, or multiple locations. Prices are subject to change.

Print services:

Please refer to the printing ordering page for prices and refer to the End User Agreement tab below. Pricing is subject to change. All printed material will be mailed directly to you.


Video Content

Stable Air Media will provide video production encompassing views of the Subject, or overall property, including exterior and interior footage.  Company specific deliverable is as follows:

  1. 2-3 minute Edited HD quality video for the web, such as YouTube.

  2. Copyright-free music in background of final video

  3. Uploading of final video directly into cloud storage management system.

  4. Final footage for deployment across Client’s social media and online platforms.

  5. Branding with Client’s logo in the final video.

  6. 4K deliverable scaled to quality of choice.


Roof Report

If we can’t climb it, we will fly it using the best artificial intelligence to mitigate the risk associated with steep slopes and slippery surfaces.

Full roof report.

Uploading of final report via media drive, or cloud storage management system.

Discounted rates: (10% off) for combined services, reoccurring visits, or multiple locations. Prices are subject to change.


Aerial Inspection

Providing high-quality images 3-D modeling or short clips.  Government locations, facilities or structures will not be considered unless authorized to do so. Coverage includes the following

  1. Large structures,

  2. Homes,

  3. Developments,

  4. Facilities & buildings

  5. Bridges.

  6. Roads.

  7. Cell towers

  8. Solar farms

  9. Field and crop


Special request projects over 10 acres will incur additional charges per SqFt. Discounted rates: (10% off) for combined services, reoccurring visits, or multiple locations. Price is subject to change.


Payment Terms:


When ordering, the total project cost will be invoiced to you. The  cost of service will include sales tax of home location.  50% of Total cost  is due upon execution of this agreement if paying in cash with the balance due upon delivery of the final product.  We anticipate approximate delivery of final video within (six) business days from date of filming. (1-3 days for 3-D modeling) (1-3 days for short clips and raw images). Discounted rates: (10% off) for combined services, reoccurring visits, or multiple locations. Prices are subject to change. All expenses are due upon service completion.


Travel & Labor :

Price excludes travel fees within a 50 mile radius of home location. 


  1. Any mileage outside the 50 mile radius of home location is charged at ($0.55 per mile).

  2. Lodging will be at your expense. We will try our best to find the most affordable lodging that is near your location.

  3. 3 meals per day per person expenses are at actual rate but not exceeding $50.00 daily. 

  4. Travel time is charged at $40 per hour, based on an 8 hour travel day.

  5.  If traveling outside home area is requested and/or required, Stable Air Media charges actual ticket prices for airfare, plus a 10% handling fee for required gear.

  6. If there are any perils such as weather or unforeseen events preventing the scope of work being provided, the deliverable service charge will be waived.

  7. If there isn’t a window of opportunity available within the given time frame. The service charges will be waived. This doesn’t include travel, lodging, and handling fees.

  8.   All expenses are due at time of expense invoice, net 10 days.


Scope of Services:

Services will be allocated based on recommendations of Stable Air Media and the Client.  The objective is to plan and execute a media deliverable that the Client can use to promote their organization, Persons, Sale of Property, Highlight Inspection Areas, or Monitor Project Progression.  Client will receive a media file type within their preference.  If Client wishes to use delivered media for mass production/distribution, Client must request in writing to obtain the “Exclusive Rights for End User Licensing free of charge.


 End User License Agreement:


1. Agreement: This License Agreement constitutes the legal agreement between STABLE AIR MEDIA (the " Company") and licensee ("you” or “End User") for the license to downloads and use a copyrighted content, including Content, graphics, animations, video, audio, GIF, text, URL, links, files or any other material available via the Site (collectively "Content") from the Company's website, available at: (the “Site”). By downloading any of the Content, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and that you agree to be bound by it. 2. The End User (You) confirms that by purchasing the right to use the Content, according to this License Agreement, End User meet the following: 1. You are at least 18 years of age and have the legal competence to enter into this License Agreement. 2. You will not use the Content in any way that is explicitly restricted, or otherwise not expressly permitted by this License Agreement. 3. 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